5 surprising dishes you can cook in rice cooker

There are a number of kitchen appliances are available that treated as a one trick pony, but actually, it can cook millions of dishes into it. Same thing happens with the induction rice cooker. People often assume that rice cooker used to make rice, but they don’t even know that they can cook plenty of dishes with the help of rice. People may not be familiar with its versatility, and that may be the reason people consider it as an underutilized device. you should check the best hard anodized cookware reviews before purchasing your right cooker for your small family.

Let me clear one thing that rice cooker includes outstanding features provides such a tremendous versatility beyond your imagination. Hence, this versatility allows this cooker to prepare a number of dishes into it. So, here we have top 5 surprising dishes that anyone can cook in this exceptional rice cooker.rice cooker

Banana Bread: The very first dish that you not even imagine to cook in the rice cooker is the banana bread. You can cook luscious and full of flavor dish to surprise your kids. To prepare this recipe, You will need 1 ½ cup flour, 3/4 cup sugar, ½ tsp baking soda, two tsp baking powder, and salt. Now mix all these ingredients. On the other hand, take a bowl and use three bananas, butter, and milk and one egg. Now combine these two mixtures and mix well. Now it is time to bake this mixture. Leave it for 30 minutes, and your banana bread recipe is ready. Serve this delicious dish to your family and get compliments from them.

Boil egg: Another unexpected use of the rice cooker is boiling eggs. Yes, you heard right. You can quickly boil eggs with this cooker. You just need to put eggs into the cooker and a cup of water. Leave it for 20 minutes, and eggs are ready to serve. The best thing is, it never allows the eggs to get crack which often happen with the standard cooktop.

Cook oatmeal: Rice cooker also enable you to cook yummy oatmeal in just a fraction of the time without getting burn or stick to the cooker. Keep the oatmeal left overnight to soak in the rice cooker and cook it for breakfast. Take regular oats and water or milk and then cook it on the lower temperature. After half an hour, your oatmeal is ready to eat. This rice cooker also comes along with the timer as well that allow you to do your work without having stress about the food to get burn. Isn’t amazing?

Boil potatoes: You won’t believe how easy to boil potatoes in the rice cooker. This revolutionary rice cooker breaks the tendency of boiling potatoes into the pot. Peel the potatoes as per your need and cut it into pieces and put it into the rice cooker along with the one tsp salt and a cup of water. Leave it for 30 minutes, and you will get soft and evenly boiled potatoes.

Apart from that, you can also prepare an omelette, pancakes, mac and pasta, chicken curry and other infinite dishes into the rice cooker. So, consider the best rice cooker and showcase your cooking talent today!