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How to clean oven and house in Melbourne?

When you think of cleaning the kitchen, the first nightmare that you face is cleaning the oven. This is probably the stickiest and dirtiest object in the entire kitchen. You will be able to get it cleaned if you follow a few simple steps in a systematic manner. There is no big deal in getting the oven cleaned, only if you know the proper way to do so. Here are some steps which will assist you to clean up the oven with utmost ease and in the shortest time.This is a completely natural process which cleans off the dust and keeps the oven tidy. No harsh chemicals used in the process and you will be able to clean it easily.if you need to book house cleaning then check our house cleaning Melbourne price and you can get 10% discount on your house cleaning and oven cleaning service in Melbourne.domestic cleaning

Things to keep in mind while Cleaning oven and House Cleaning in Melbourne

  • You need to remove the racks from the oven and keep them aside. All the parts like oven thermometer and other objects need to be removed at first.
  • Take half a cup of water and put three tablespoons of baking soda in it. This will make a good paste, and you need to adjust the ratio properly until you are satisfied.
  • After making the paste, you need to coat the oven with the paste. Make sure that you are wearing a pair of gloves, as the sticky material of the oven may get your nails. This coating has to remain in the oven for at least 12 hours so that the dust particles and the sticky materials become loose and come off easily. It is wise to leave it in this condition melbourne
  • Meanwhile, one can clean off the oven racks by scrubbing them with a sponge or a piece of cloth. You may use some light cleaning compounds in this method.
  • Again when you come to the oven the next morning, you will find half of the job done. The coating will soften the sticky material, and it will easily come off. Yu have to wipe off the paste using a spatula or an object which has an edge. This will ensure that the oven is free from the layer of dirt which had settled on it over the years. A spatula will help you to reach the areas which are difficult to reach with the fingers.
  • Having done so, you need to apply a little vinegar on the oven. This will react with the baking soda, and create foam, and ensure that the last minute polish is done with absolute efficiency. The foam is produced by the reaction of vinegar with the remaining residue of baking soda in the oven.
  • Now, the main part of the job being done, you just need to take a damp cloth and wipe off this foam. This will not only clean the oven but also ensure that it has a shine. You can replace the racks which have already been cleaned and dried.

This can be done once a week or twice a month in order to keep the oven and house clean. The more delay is made between the cleaning process, the harder it will be to remove the dirt. After all, the process is easy and simple.