The car jump starters are really handy devices which come to your rescue when the batteries of your car have died out. Best battery jump starter have an inbuilt charger which helps to start your car. When your car suddenly runs out of batteries, these devices come useful to you. These are simple to use, but one needs to have the proper knowledge about how to use the gadgets. Here is a step by step guide to show you the right way to use these devices. You will find it handy at the need of the hour.

car jump 2

  • You need to take out the jumper cables from the device and keep them in the trunk. When you need to use them, all that you do is to get the cables connected to the sockets.
  • The next step is to put the car in neutral mode. You should take care so that the ignition is put off. This is a crucial part of the process. Having done so, engage both the brakes of the car. After taking the given steps, you need to concentrate on the connectivity of the device.
  • You must remember the wires and the right place to insert them. There are positive and negative wires, and precaution should be taken before you fit the wires into the right sockets. Always remember, the red wire is meant for the positive socket. You cannot afford to forget this at any cost. This may cause the battery to suffer a short circuit, and at the end of the day, you will be the sufferer.
  • The black wire is meant for the negative wire. There is another wire, and you should put it in contact with any metal part of the car that is not near the battery. It should not be painted at any cost. Keep in mind that this should be placed at least one foot away from the battery. There should be no chance by which it moves close to it. Sometimes vibrations in the car during the drive cause them to move close towards each other. You must make sure that this does not happen. If needed, you can use a heavy weight metal object for the purpose.
  • The connection is complete. Now you need to start your car. Tyr to get your car started and if it refuses to start, you need to check the connections properly. It may so happen that the wiring is loose, or one of the connections has come off. In order to make sure that there is no hitch is starting the vehicle, you need to check all the points thoroughly before you start the car.

Once the engine is started, make sure that you drive for at least fifteen minutes at a stretch. Sometimes people put off the ignition immediately after the car starts. This may land you in trouble, as the entire process may have to be repeated again. So make sure that you drive the car for the said period of time, and this will bring some stability to it.